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  • Introduction: If you've never been to this website before, please read this first. This section will give you a basic understanding of why I created this website, and what I hope you get from it. *
  • What Is Earthstar Wicca? A general overview of Earthstar Wicca. *
  • Knowledge Lectures: Somewhat less than a "Seminary on the Internet," but much more than the standard "Wicca 101" courses that so many sites have.
  • Justin's Book of Shadows: This is the "public" portion of my Book of Shadows -- the rituals, myths, techniques, and most importantly the ethics and mysteries, that define my practice.
  • Deeper Studies: A series of essays, "web-books," and articles I've written on a number of subjects. While these may be more useful to the insomniac than the scholar, I hope they are interesting .
  • Wiccan Apologetics: A defense of the faith from lies, deceptions, and harmful myths, both from within and outside the Wiccan community.
  • From Where I Sit: Editorials from one Wiccan's point-of-view.

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